The truth about your value

Over the course of our lives, we’ve been told that our worth and value as a human being and an individual is based on certain things.

The scientific truth about your worth.png

Our physical beauty

Our weight

Our academic achievements

Our job title

Our income

Our home and material possessions

Our relationship status

Our popularity

Our general “cool” ranking (i.e., do you travel a lot? That makes you more cool.)

But it occurred to me recently why none of these things can actually determine your personal value.

Most of the things in that list are quantifiable. You can measure them.

The reason we grasp onto these things as determinants of our worth is because the truth source of our worth is our soul.

Soul: the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

There is no way to measure the human soul.

Which means the truth of your value is that it is equal to everyone else’s. Every human soul is worth the same, because there’s no way for us to accurately or properly determine anything else.

The reason why we don’t believe the simple and inherent truth of our value is because the world has tried to say something else, to make us believe something else, because humans like to have proof.

That’s why we strive for all of those things.

It affirms proof even to ourselves.

I think the reason we thought we needed that proof, apart from world telling us we did, is because most of us haven’t realized this one simple scientific fact -

The human soul is immeasurable.

Measurement: the size, length, or amount of something

Which means that none of those things can add to your value - and lacking them cannot take it away.

Your soul is your soul no matter what. And it’s of the same worth as every other soul.






For all intents and purposes, even those who do bad things - they have a soul just the same. And there’s no way to prove that theirs is worth less than yours, no matter what you want to believe or may say.

We are all worth the same.

We’ve heard people tell us that, but it’s always been so hard to believe because it felt like a fluffy, intangible truth.

What I came to realize was that this truth has an actual, tangible, intellectual, scientific basis. It’s not actually fluffy at all.

We we always have to fight the world’s lies about our value, but when you know the truth, things change. When you realize that striving for all of those other false measurements of your worth don’t actually change anything about your soul, since it cannot be measured, things change. You change. You stop believing the lies and chasing false measurements.

Those things are nothing more than false positives.

False positive: a test result which incorrectly indicates that a particular condition or attribute is present.

How would you live differently if you stopped esteeming everyone’s worth with false positives?

How would you live differently if you stopped chasing them to affirm your own?

Wouldn’t it be freeing?

Give in to freedom.