Bucket List: Stand Up Paddle Boarding


I am still so stoked that I recently, finally, got to try stand up paddle boarding for the very first time!

We have tons of lakes around the Triangle area of NC, and I have been DYING to live that lake life.

Shortly after my epiphany about why I hadn’t been allowing myself to really live out all of my dreams, I reserved my spot in a SUP 101 class taught by an instructor who’s one of the most extensively credentialed in the country.

I ordered some new swim gear for the occasion:

I didn’t want to put my bare feet in the water, so I ordered some swim shoes.

I am the recent recovering victim of some sizable skin cancer and very fair-skinned - not to mention a little self-conscious about my middle - so I ordered a long sleeved “rash guard” swim shirt.

Finally, thanks to further self-consciousness (keeping it real), I ordered swim shorts. Also because this is paddle boarding, not a swimsuit contest. I have sexy swimsuits. I didn’t feel like this was the occasion for sexy, lol.

And off I went!

I had no idea until the night before that this particular lake was so close to my apartment. I was super excited about that.

Further, I had NO idea that to get there, I would be driving down the most BEAUTIFUL country roads with the most gorgeous and quintessentially perfect farmhouses. I definitely swerved several times trying to look at them and drive at the same time.

Finally, if you know me, you may know about my obsession with Christmas tree farms and wanting to own one. Western NC is one of the few places in the country that is LITERED with Christmas tree farms, but lo and behold, in the twenty minutes between me and this lake, on the cutest country roads, is a tiny little Christmas tree farm.

Needless to say, I was flipping out before I even got on the water.

And then I got to the water, and I just couldn’t even believe that it was happening.

I couldn’t believe that I was getting live that lake life and getting on the water and going paddle boarding.

The instructor was so sweet and such a pro. She gave clear instructions that were easy to follow, and I had a great time.

I didn’t fall into the water once! I did fall onto my board one time though.

For someone who hadn’t yet started the weight training program I’m currently doing at home (PWR by Kelsey Wells in the Sweat app), using all of those stabilizer muscles for a solid 90 minutes was pretty exhausting. I was sore the next day, but not too much so.

I had a fabulous time. It was just such a big deal to me to finally cross that off my bucket list after my recent epiphany.

Oh, and for those that believe in signs and wonders… recently, I’ve been coming across butterflies right in front of me at multiple pertinent moments. It’s part of the reason I know and have declared this a transformation season for me.

Well, when I was paddle boarding, a butterfly came and landed on the water right next to me.

The woman next to me said that it committed suicide, but we’re going to ignore her and pretend that butterfly is still alive… and obvi that doesn’t have any meaning for my life! It was still a beautiful moment nonetheless and for all the butterflies that have been showing up in my life recently, it was not a coincidence.

It was a perfect day. I’m so so so excited that I did it.

I plan to go kayaking next! I definitely want to get out on the water again as much as I can before summer ends - and usually I’m the first one to wish it away, because let’s face it, I’ll probably always be a fall girl! I am already collecting recipes for all of my fall hosted meals - but those are blog posts for another time!

Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake