Hope vs. No Hope

hope v no hope Pin.png

The difference between having hope and having no hope is the belief in possibility.

When you believe that the thing you hope for is possible, you feel hope.

When you are convinced the thing you hope for is not possible, you feel hopeless.

When you catch yourself feeling hopeless, scan your memory of recent events, recent things people said to you, and recent thoughts that just felt like insignificant whispers for anything that directly or indirectly sent you the message that what you hope for isn’t possible - I bet you’ll find one there. It only takes but one.

The psychological key, then, to always feeling hopeful, is to keep reaffirming that the thing you hope for IS possible - whether that feels logical or not.

For Christians, it’s reminding ourselves and reaffirming over and over again that with God, all things are possible.

The key is the belief in possibility.

HealingSara Fachetti