Hope Deferred

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”

Yes, it sure does.

Remember this other blog post that I wrote about hope?

When you tie the feeling of hope back to the thought of possibility then, it’s like the experience of this verse goes a little something like this:

You thought one of your dreams, something you hoped for, coming true now was possible - and then you found it wasn’t. And you were heart sick about it.

That’s what happened to me this week. I thought for a minute that perhaps there really was a way that my dream of homeownership was possible now - but it wasn’t. So I am back to renting.

We all know this mentally, but sometimes it’s hard for it to register with our hearts - that when God says wait, it really is for our best.

Well as I analyzed the realities of what trying to buy now would mean, alongside looking at what my monthly budget would be like with renting, it was easier for me to tangibly see that continuing to rent now - as much as my heart is still sad about not buying and owning - really IS the best thing.

Hope deferred makes us sad. I’m still sad. But renting is the best thing. Sometimes (all the time), God’s “wait” really is the best thing.

And if we’re obedient to listen to the word “wait,” He’ll often bless us with comforts in the process.

I found a home to rent that is so much of what I would be looking for in a home to own - and I’m not in any debt for it!

I’m so excited to live in what feels like “my first home,” even if my name isn’t on the deed.

God is faithful and so good to us, even when his timing isn’t what we want!

More about this new home coming soon! I’m moving in on October 5th :)

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